Design, Template and Other Costs

I am currently looking for work with charities as well. I charge 222.00 for two weeks web development at 15.5 hrs a week.

Design Costs

I design the template which will cost 222 for a 4 template website (on average), the actual costs depends if the page consists of sub pages, or it takes longer or shorter than 6 hours to design a template, which can be applied to different pages.


Others costs will be: hosting which can be as little as £1.50 a month (for a trial period of up to 24 months); domain name registration, (which will be the name the site is found on the internet under), this costs upwards of 2.99 a year for Increasing or maintaining the websites visibility on the internet; costing upwards of £7.20 a week for basic service of 4 hrs a month in which is all I need to get the website more visible than alot of the competition over a period of three to six months.